Activities in Greece

Erasmus Team

1. Plakalis Kostas

2. Vlachas Christos

3. Konetas Dimitris

4. Kasselouris Nikos

5. Kamposiori Marina

6. Steriadi Tzeni

Program of the Week

Program of the Week
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1 April 2019

Activities at school, Castle of Ioannina

2 April 2019

Dodoni, Nicopolis, Parga

3 April 2019

Tranditional dances, Trip to the Isle

4 April 2019

Presentation of the robot, Perama cave

5 April 2019

Trip to Zagoria

Italian students' report - Destination Greece

On Sunday 31st March 2019, we departed from Venice early in the morning.

The road trip from Thessaloniki airport to Eleousa was a sudden full immersion in the Greek mood, which ended with a hearty dinner when we met our host families.

On Monday, in order to improve and deepen our reciprocal relationships, we spent the morning delivering presentations on our countries and playing cooperative games at school.
Later, we went on a guided tour to the Castle of Ioannìna and to the museum of silver, a local handicraft tradition.
The lunch break was a nice opportunity to visit the city centre and to try out typical Greek food.
The day ended with a basketball match, which again tested our cooperation skills.

On Tuesday we visited the Roman ruins in Nikopolis and the archeological museum in Nekromanteinon.
After a “cultural morning”, we spent the rest of the day in the maritime cities of Preveza and Parga. Sunny weather and free time were essential ingredients for enjoying the landscape and having a great culinary experience. In fact, we visited one of the old olive oil factories and tasted some olive tarts.

On Wednesday morning we participated in a workshop on citizenship and we painted handbags to exchange as a gift for our Greek friends. Later, we danced sirtaki, a traditional popular dance, and two of us had the opportunity to try on Greek costumes.
After lunch we went shopping, we bought some souvenirs and we had a walk around the lake of Ioannìna.
Back to Eleousa, we improved our basketball tactics and we also played soccer. After dinner, we met at Μέντα, a local pub, and spent a nice evening together.

On Thursday, after having breakfast with our hosting family, we went to school to take part in activities similar to the ones of the previous day. After drawing and discussing about current topics we heard about some projects proposed at the University of Ioannina and the presentation of "Nathan" the robot. After the lunch in the canteen of the University we went to the cave of Perama, where you can see the natural beauty... if you are not claustrophobic.
Then we came back to Eleousa to rest, stay with the hosting family and get ready to the party all together: students, teachers and families enjoyed a good evening, having fun.

On Friday morning we prepared physically and mentally to face the clean and drinkable water of the river in the activity of  rafting, where some guys were also able to face their fears jumping into the freezing water of the river from a high rock. 
After drying and resting ourselves we went to the characteristic villages of Zagoria where we admired the fascinating landscape of the largest canyon in the world and we had lunch in a typical restaurant. We organized individually our evenings to have the best time ever.

On Saturday finally after an intense week of adventures and excursions, we had the opportunity to spend some time with the hosting families and friends.